Friday, January 16, 2009

He wants the sky :)

hi there

yes its been a long time and i have missed my blog more than i thought i would... so finally i have arrived in my own terms in the blog world... its an awesome hideout....

so wats new... well somethng is :) and m all thrilled abt it... my heart is singing a tune ... flip flopping :) and making me day dream a lot.....

yeah feels good..but is so fluid ... guess tats wat i love the most abt life... wat all it throws at u and it jus takes u by storm :)

yes sometimes its unnerving in fact nw it is.. but if u ask me why? i cant answer.... and i jus realised and My God! wat a realisation.. tat its nt actually me whos had enough but the world which is making me feel like it.... cos as per this society of ours we have a time n age for marrige, and they make u feel the odd one out if u rnt in the scheme of thngs ... how yucky.... does anybody ask the Moon ever, how old it is and why its not changed with years gone by.... so why us... so i guess m ok with waiting but yes missing a person who would be my soulmate.... or call u whatever u want..but yeah i m longing for company....

hmmm... coming to the point now.... last time he told me he wants the sky.....

ok lemme explain... it was abt finding the right partner.. so i said to him " Go for the moon , u may not quite get it but u wont come down with a handful of dust either..."

and he said no i want the entire sky.. i don mind waiting for the time but i want the entire package ;) he said.. well u knw wat he means m sure.... and i said hmmmm.....( so typical of me.. i "hmm" more than a bee these days !)

and this got me wndering.... if "we" r meant to happen ? its one of the mystries in the universe.. so maddening at times ... but yes no denying i like him.. and i hope my poor heart is ok with the risk m taking.... if it had a choice (my heart!) it sure who would have changed bodies by now :) !

anyws... love is like that as they say!


Stillness Speaks said...

Here's praying and hoping that your "risk" pays off and it actually happens if it is for your good :-)There is no emotion as divine as love and you are extremely lucky to have found someone who loves you unconditionally :-) I'd certainly wish this story( if at all I am following it right) has a happy ending :-)

And thanks for the appreciative comment. It sure brings a smile to my face :-)

Here's wishing you a blissful year ahead too! And good luck for all your exams.

Jack said...


I know each to his or her own but being elder could not resist to advise you to ensure that you can differenciate between LOVE and LUST. Physically is defintely a part of LOVE but at much much later stage when both are sure of each other. Hope you do not mind my intruding into your private life. Wish you all the best and hope you both have a very very Happy life together.

Take care

nups said...

hi Jack
thanks for dropping by... and ofcourse i don mind ur advice , infact its needed.. u knw ths stage in life can be so trying. u r supposed to like a stranger and try to fit the jig saw puzzle..but Jack sometimes u happen to like the "stranger" and right nw i do like him.. Physical bit is the last thng on my mind u knw... but yes there has to be that spark.. the best part is that i haven met him yet.. he is overseas... we chat n talk..but m falling for him :) lets c... thanks for the blessings..really need them and keep knocking at my blog.. thanks

nups said...

by the way Jack... u din tell me wat happened that day at temple.. u blacked out or where there riots.... m still wondering

Jack said...


I have answered your comment in my space.

I do not wish to sound like an old nanny but kindly do take care as you have not met him. I sincerely do not wish to see you getting hurt or in problems at all as you seem to be a innocent nice girl.

If you wish you may contact me by email id given in my profile.

Take care