Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Builders or wreckers!

I watched them tearing a building down
a gang of men in a busy town
with a hoe- he- hoe and a rusty yell
they swung the beam and the side wall fell...
I asked the foremen are these men skilled
he gave a laugh n said no indeed
jus unskilled labour is all I need
I can easily wreck in a day or two 
wat builders have taken a year to do...

and I thought to myself as  i went my way 
which of these roles have i tried to play
am i a builder who works with care 
measuring life with rules and squares...
Am I shaping my deeds to a well made plan
patiently doing the best i can

or am i a wrecker who walk the town 
content with the labour of tearing down???

P.S : i remembered this beautiful recitation frm school... don remember the author but it sure makes a lot more sense several years after passing out :)


Stillness Speaks said...

Such a poignant piece of prose! To consciously destroy would indicate the absence of a conscience but there are times when unknown to ourselves we destroy something...God forgive us for this..Take care:-)

Jack said...


How true. It does not take more than a few seconds to sour a relationship built and nurtured over long time. One should always try to be a builder.

Take care

nups said...

hi jack
yeah.. but so many times we r out to wreck our own lives na....

nups said...

hey MS Stillness
yeah its pretty poignant.. has stuck in my mind ever since i can remember.... well hope we do have the insight and foresight before we even remotely thnk of destroying anythng ....