Friday, February 6, 2009

every post neednt have a title :)

long time... n i did miss myself in the web world! 
traveling down the memory lane can be so much fun at times.... with all the pains n heart aches and the smiles n cheers :)
i went for my school reunion ... and felt like a kid again... thats one place i haven been able to cut the cords with... i guess there's no need to also..... this amazing sense of belonging..... the time jus goes back to the days of dirty uniform ... snotting faces ... empty lunch boxes.... and romances which were so damn eternal and to die for :)
today my childhood sweetheart called me.. its been ten freaking years and ws his bday today.. as alws i wshed him in my prayers .. was amazed to c his call n when i answered he said "i thought let me get myself wished by you cos u will never call" i was speechless..... after all the guy is married n haven wished him since Ten freaking years......  hmmm...i jus din knw wat to say .. jus wished him good luck :) n all the love life  has to offer...... 
smethngs r better left in the past .. we shouldn bring it on ... its like haunting ghosts....
but m happy i have moved on........  m very happy to be in love with a guy i haven even met..... feels beautifully strange.... dono wat life has in store .... but who cares..m nt gona kid myself into believing otherwise... i love talking to him.... chatting with him ..... i miss him all day n night ... i like his views n thoughts ..n above all i love his eyes (seen only in pics)
 i love him so lets c where life takes me frm here ;)


Jack said...


I was hoping for your reply in the previous post.

One can not cut cord with few of the things of past. School days or college days are amongst those. One has to move on but cherish past good memories and draw lessons from ones which were not good. Friendship if it is from the heart never dies. Your friend from school still considers you as one and I am sure you will reciprocat bonding with his wife & kids. The one you have not met, I hope and pray that you are blessed with a beautiful loving relationship. When are you meeting him? I look forward to happy news from you. Have confidence and faith.

Take care

Stillness Speaks said...

Good luck girl with your love life :-) "There is a reason why people from your past didn't make it into your present" and who better to vouch for that than you :-)

nups said...

hi jack..
hws life... delhi winter must be withering nw... but its the most beautiful thng on earth i thnk :)
i will be meeting him in march.. 4 weeks to go :) keeping my fingers crossed .. so whens ur next post coming... don be lazy like me :)

nups said...

stilness speaks
hi there nice to hear frm u :) well love life is pretty happening right nw.. with a stranger! so the extra zing :)yeah i knw abt the concept of people in our lives ..have u read same soul many bodies by dr Weiss .... some amazing thngs in it.. right nw i m reading ths book called "road less travelled" by M Scott Peck.. pretty good one..