Monday, August 31, 2009

31st August!!

hey :)
today is a beautiful day for me.. a day i have waited for 8 long yrs...... i don have words to express my relief n my Gratitude to the Powers above.... it was a long wait but finally justice came our way... my family n i have been waiting for a lonnnnggg time n today we finally got the court order.... putting to rest our nightmares...
i am far away frm the people who r the reason for my existence... i cried ..i smiled .. i laughed... i wish i could be with them ... but i am alws away... guess alws destined to be ths way... never mind... i m nt to complain today atleast.... its a landmark day in our lives.....
u knw i so wanted to hug someone today.... have u ever felt the need for a hug... or the lack of it... nthng matters in life if u don have someone to hug n share joy with ...or maybe hug n cry with.... heartbreak or bliss...u do need that warm bear hug..... even my doggy isnt with me :) or i would have been happy hugging her :)
well .. today is a day which is gona be filed away... in the history of my family as a very significant day... jus like birthdays n anniversaries are....
u knw i can smell smthng right now... which is so comforting n soothing...... it reminds of smthng v special frm my childhood... fragrances can transport u back in time :)so lemme call it a day nw.... :)


Wanda said...

Hi Nupps...
I'm glad this significant day has happened for you and your family...It must be very important to you, so enjoy...I know how grateful you must be!


Bernie said...

Congratulations on your happy day, wish I were closer I would give you a big hug. I am happy for you and your family.......:-) Hugs

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hey Nups,

WOnderful read, i'm very happy for u ..COngratulations to u and ur family..enjoy the moments:)

Hugs to u..

Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. For previous one - it is so good of you to be thankful for what you have. I put PEACE OF MIND above everything. If I have that then I think everything else is in it's proper place. This one - Congratulations for whatever be it as it made you happy and your family too. If you wish do share it.

Take care

nups said...

hey Wanda
thanks :) i am v grateful

Hey Bernie
thanks ... it means a lot

hey Pramoda
thanks :)

hey Jack
ya u r right ..peace of mind is soooo important.... i knw how i feel when i lose mine

prince of silence said...

u're right about everything ..
even about the hug issue , But I am now over this , because I won't make my life stop over a hug or feelings .. no hugs ? .. big deal !

nups said...

Prince of silence
hey welcome to my blog :) i knw hugs r a big deal for us... and dear life doesn stop for anybody anyday..... hugs or no hugs it continues.... but dont be sour or bitter u may nt have it but if u r positive abt it one day it shall be urs :)

nups said...

Prince of silence
hey.. left a comment on ur poetry blog.. do check...

prince of silence said...

you're right nupps .. I know , but I am a little bit depressed theses days

and thank you about viewing my blog and I translated the arabic poem for you as U asked :)

nups said...

hey Prince
thanks for translating the poem :) and saw u posted smthng new in arabic... wat is it .. do tell in brief :)
left a comment for in ur check