Tuesday, December 2, 2008

P.S. I Love You :)

hi there
need i say more..... the title says it all. its a fabulous book and aint i glad i din see the flick first........ u bet i m!
hmmm..... the most overrated emotion they say but i don think so its worth every penny of the rate list :) i m jus not able to keep the book down..... considering the amount of work on my plate at the moment it could get dangerous but wat the heck .......
love is like a kite which flies even higher when u chase it but sometimes jus falls in ur lap on a lazy day! the latter hasn happned to me yet though ;) but is it cos i have been chasing it far too long..... maybe its time to gently wait for the breeze to blow it in my direction....... m waititng wind Gods!
life never stops educating us . we may care a damn but if only we care to listen we can read a lot between lines... it isn easy surviving with love lost and Holly sure goes thru her hell.. but learns the lessons of life beautifully ...... her soul mate guides her thru her hell....... and isnt it so true that eventually we all need to make it on a lonesome journey sometime somewhere....... might as well learn the lessons as early on as possible... its tough my dear friend but learn it nonetheless....... haven emptied my heart out fully yet...... lots needs to be said and i shall when the time comes... til then hoping i find love in my heart before i do in ur eyes....

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